Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thrusted Out Toe Corn and Callus Toe Corn

Toe Corn as Round as This Booty Lady

Booty woman wearing an elephant white office uniform combined with a Booty woman with trouser and white heeled strappy sandalspair of fine white dyed leather cross strapped high heel sandals. Her shoes are fastened with an ankle strap that unfortunately cannot be seen due to her long pants that cover her ankles entirely. Also take a look at the side roundy and sticking out corn she has. This type of corn develops in strappy sandals wearing women because as you can see the strap is squeezing the small toe out making sort of a fleshy popping out soft bubble. It is worth to mention that these are not friction corns, also called callus, which are normally caused by contact and pressure we are so used to see, on the contrary, they are caused by the lack of support for the toe.

Friction Caused Toe Corn Mound

Woman with a dark colored skin is using high heeled ankle strap sandals which shows two buckle accents. Black strappy sandals with heels, buckle accents and callus covered with pantyhoseShe is wearing a silky soft synthetic pantyhose that is noticeable at her main toe. Her smallest toe also shows a peeled corn mound with callus indicating that this particular lady likes to use pumps that squeezes her feet into a tight space causing her a painful friction corn that needs to be shaved with a callus shaver.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blue Uniform Secretary Shoes and Multicolored Slip On Sandals

Sweaty Smelly Uniform Secretary with Office Heeled Pumps

Office woman with a cyan colored office dress using a pair of working ankle strap black pumps with a round tip for comfort. See how her left shoe is stepping on an uneven cement rocky surface that makes her leather sole warp like paper. The floor was so uneven that she had to arch her left feet in order to compensate for it. Cyan office dressed sweaty smelly secretary woman in high heel pumps
She wears a thin smooth, silky and almost unnoticeable skin colores nylon pantyhose pantyhose. I have seen her using this same uniform for 3 days straight and I cannot believe how much scent it must have accumulated over that time of constant wearing. Even in air conditioned cool offices or if she bathes in perfume before going to work, women tend to sweat in their lower parts especially while seated and that scent of sweat can sometimes be clearly distinguished by an acute nose like mine. Please visit www.metropolitanvoyeur.com to see the inset pictures of this office woman and other working ladies' pictures in greater detail.

Multicolored Slip On Strappy Sandals

Red sole heeled soft sandals with a net of seven multicolored straps and a center linking piece necessary for maintaining Multicolored straps slip on sandal shoesthe straps' uniformity. Shoe makers design these types of shoes with multiple color straps in order to produce a one for all ocassion footwear to match different dressing scenarios the woman consumer may encounter. Problem with these plural number of straps is that if only one becomes detached, it may be very difficult to reattach it and render the shoe useless aesthetically. Also notice the worn heel cap. Judging by the picture, this lady likes to put a lot of strain on her heels by playing with it while standing. She puts the weight on the heel cap and then starts to turn it repetitively like trying to drill a hole on the floor. This wears the heel cap faster than normal. By the appearance of the shoes, I deduce it is a slip on sandal. The pants doesn't allow me to see any ankle strap, but the structure of the frontal design makes it very imrpobable the presence of any ankle strap.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Transparent Plastic Pink Platforms and Lady Changing Footwear

Pink Transparent Plastic Heel Platforms

High heel pink platform shoes of flirtatious steamy latina chick with lambada styled miniskirts. Notice her shoe's Pink trasnaparent plastic heel platform shoes of divaheel is made of transparent pink plastic with riveted frontal strap of the same color. These shoes are tremendously strong and long lasting. Its only weak point maybe in the frontal strap because it tends to crack and chip with time and constant wear due to walking activities. Click here to appreciate more photos in greater detail of this babe.

Lady Changing Strap Sandals Before Going to Work

Arrived to work using her recently bought japanese car, then she proceeded to change her footwear to a matching pair of white strap sandal. Took her previously worn Wife changing sandal shoes to go to workblack sandal by the straps and flung it into the car's trunk. On the right inset picture I captured the precise moment when she was trying to open the trunk with her left hand while at the same time holding the car's keys and a black wallet. Now her feet were ready for prime time at work. Seems like the black sandals were more comfortable for driving while the white ones had higher pointier heels. Both pairs of shoes were of the slip on types without ankle straps of any sort. She is the wife of the owner of a little family business dedicted to selling fine expensive faucet for luxurious homes.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Hungry Chick in Miniskirt and Pointed Toe Heels Messenger Woman

Hungry Chick in Miniskirt and Black Heeled Sandals

During lunch time, this leggy chick came to the supermarket's restaurant to miniskirt high heel ankle strap sandals waiting for foodbuy some food to combat her hunger. She uses a pair of ankle strap black high heel sandals. If it were not for the ankle strap, it would be merely reduced to a slip on high heel mule, but the fastening ankle strap makes all the difference in the classification of the footwear.

Covering her torso is a silk long sleeved shirt. Along with the blue jeans styled miniskirt that leaves her legs exposed, she is not wearing any stockings at all, so her feet's flesh is in direct frictional contact with the shoes. Girls around here don't like to use pantyhose because the climate here is hot all year round.

Her feeding preference appears to be made up of corn, rice, beef and potato salad. She was so fast ordering the lunch that I only had time to snap just one picture.

Law Firm Messenger Woman Wearing Pointed Toe Shoes

Woman using pointed toe high heel shoes with ankle straps. Seems like women feel safer using ankle straps.

This is a law firm office messenger woman taking some paperwork to a government counter desk for approval and filing. Law firm messenger woman carrying paperwork and wearing high heel pumpsWomen messengers who perform these types of work dress provocatively in order to stimulate the government employees (which happen to be mostly males) receiving the documents so they can expedite the process of their paperwork ahead of others. This activity has caused so much dispute that the authority imposed a restriction forbidding women wearing miniskirts inside the government offices. This particular lady we see here is on the borderline of what is allowed inside the building.

Heels and Footwear courtesy of www.metropolitanvoyeur.com

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sexy Stance Office Woman vs Embedded Fashion Diamonds Sandals

Daring Standing Stance Office Woman

Office working woman with very smooth dark smelling polyester pantyhose during a rainy afternoon. She plays with her stance and legs while waiting for the bus to take her home. Voluptuous standing stanc office woman with black stockings ankle strap leather pumpsExamining her black and tightly ankle fastened pointed high heel shoes reveals us that it is not 100% pointy at the toes. It is a cross of a pointed toe and duck pointed high heel which makes it more comfortable to wear while keeping the arousing, seductive and slinky factor these types of shoes posses. And if you add to it the standing posture she is right now having, you can bet most men around will surely want to involuntarily wet those shoes, feet and legs.

Embedded Diamonds Muscle Calfs

Muscle fitted legs of a woman standing near a public telephone using paycards. Her legs' calf muscles seem very toned up and healthy maybe due to constant high heel shoes usage or thanks to her discipline to do physical exercises like Broad heeled sandals with embedded fashion shiny diamondswalking, jogging and jumping ropes. In my opinion, her disposition and willingness to use heeled footwear is the main reason that helps her to develop these calf muscles. Based on the place this lady was photographed, I don't think she has the financial income to pay for gym facilities usage. On another note, notice her black ankle strap equipped broad heeled shoes. The back side of the heels has small embedded shiny fashion diamonds that make her shoes look sexy at night when street lights start to shine. Do you think she uses this pair of shoes at night ? If so, for what ?

Diamonds and high heels courtesy of www.metropolitanvoyeur.com

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ankle Strap Shoes with Birthmark and Transparent Plastic High Heels

Robust Transparent Clear Plastic Wedge High Heels

Transparent plastic high heel wedges of a black woman using a light colored semi transparent trousers almost noticing the layout of her panties. Transparent plastic wedge high heels of sexy black womanThe trousers apparently needs some ironing to remove the wrinkles, but they add a good creased effect at the point where to legs join. The lady seems to be heavy as evidenced by her feet's displaced flesh from the shoe. These types of shoes made entirely of plastic tend to be very tough and resistant, but the lack of empty space in the shoe's arch happens to ironically make them uncomfortable for walking due to the absence of the mentioned empty space in the heel's arch which supposedly helps cushion the impact of the feet when walking.

Brown Ankle Strap Sandals with Birthmark in Owner's Left Foot

Several things to notice in this brown medium heeled ankle strap women shoe, Near the ankle Women foot with birtmark near ankleof the lady, you can spot a birthmark, mole or nevus which calls into our consideration. Following the birthmark, the end of this lady's trouser seems like needing a good sewing job. Lastly, look at the shoe's insoles. It appears like starting to peel out eventhough the shoe seems to be rather new. Under the shoe's heel you can see the label indicating its size, what country it was made in, materials used and more.

Plastic heels and birthmark courtesy of www.metropolitanvoyeur.com

Friday, November 04, 2005

White Strappy Broad Heeled Sandals and Stingy Rich Society Woman

Black Nylon Strappy High Heeled Sandals With Ankle Straps and Metal Eyelets

Horizontal striped medium skirt blonde lady standing just in front of a cake store counter. She was ordering a happy birthday cake for her daughter who was 13 years old. Black Nylon Strap Sandals with Metal Eyelets in Ankle Strap. Click for Larger !Although she looked like an affluent and financially capable high society woman, she ironically ordered the largest cheapest cake available. It was so cheap that it appeared to be made of icing only.

She made the cake chef write the name of her daughter on the cake's surface with icing. Her daughter was called Isabel. This apparently rich woman was not very tall. Even wearing those high heeled black strappy sandals she did not appear to have gained significant height. At least, she knew the importance of painted toe nails when wearing sandals.

Finally I want you to be observant and try to see the material of her sandal's straps. It seems to be made of nylon or some other synthetic man made material. The best evidence of this could be the type of fastening metal eyelet employed to fasten the ankle strap with the buckle. These eyelets are used for nylon straps since it is difficult to puncture a permanent hole into nylon fibers, so a metal eyelet is needed in order to keep the hole fixed within the nylon fibers. Moreover, notice that her sandals use two eyelets instead of one, which indicates that the straps will tend to pivot and tilt if a single eyelet were used.

White Broad Heeled Medium Height Pointed Toe Shoes

Medium height heeled shoes in chalk white with a broad heel and pointed toe. Pay particular attention to the ankle straps and notice that this woman has only used just one of the five available holes of the strap to fasten these shoes. The other holes are virgin and doesn't seem to have ever been penetrated by the buckle. White Strap Pointed Toe Broad Heel Shoes

Watch the squeezing effect the ankle strap has on this lady's ankle. As evidenced by the cap of the heel and the lack of wear and scuff present in the straps of these shoes, I can say it is a rather newly purchased pair of shoes.

Concept and pictures created and supplied by www.metropolitanvoyeur.com