Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Party Woman on Aching High Heel Strap Sandals

Aching two support strap black high heeled slip on sandals of foxy bar woman
Kinky black provoctive double strap slip on high heeled sandals of a woman leaving a bar-discoteque early in the morning. She was foxing the whole night inside the bar with friends and unknown shady underworld people.
Since morning arrived, tbar woman inadequate strap highheel sandals slipon night dress sweat hot aching arch feet leg calveshe bar closed and she was left out with a big headache, aching high heeled sandals and a night dress unsuitable for day use because it was too hot for day use. So her only option was to wait outside with the full sun shining over her dress and standing in pain on those high heeled sandals constanly arching her feet and making her uncomfortable with the two support straps slip on design of the shoes.
She had to constantly rock her shoes from side to side (as you can see in the inset picture) in order to momentarily soothe a little of the pain she was feeling in her feet caused by using inadequate shoes for the whole night she had fun at the bar.

Cross fashion medium heeled shoes
Native lady dressed in red/black uniform is standing straight inside dirty bus stop.
leather strap dirty bus stop pile trash excrement uniform calves legs smelly odor
She had to step over piles of public trash in order to get into the bus stop. Once at the bus stop, do not even dream of sitting because the seats are so dirty and choke full of human squalor that all wall were near black.
People even stand on the seats when it rains in order to avoid getting splashed by passing cars.
This woman wears a nice black leather cross styled strap medium heeled shoes especially designed for comfort and working elegance. The insoles are cushioned and the upper straps in cross design help the woman keep those shoes fixed into her feet when seating on rolling office chairs.

Slingback frontal top cross strap fashioned medium heel shoes surrounded by trash
Black leather medium heeletrash dirty bus stop slingback frontal strap cross leather shoes lady standing surroundd working female shoes surrounder by heaps of public trash thrown carelessly everywhere by dirty citizens. She had to literally step over several trash bags and empty juice cardboard containers like the ones you see in the background in order to get into the bus stop. Sometimes she even has to walk over and squish bags with organic food and trashed leftover food on the floor. Luckily her shoes were well strapped into her feet by a frontal top crossed black strap design and slingbacks.

Garbage surrounded working lady shoes

shoe garbage cross strappy slingback fetish leather

Frontal direct view of uniformed working woman with everyday use medium heeled cross strap shoes. Kicking trash everywhere, she managed to dodge as well as step on little heaps of society thrown garbage beside her.