Friday, September 30, 2005

Used High Heel Sandals Everyday Everywhere

Crossed leg woman in high heel sandals black
Every day I leave my house I stare and evaluate all women's high heel shoes that come across in front of me. I see if they wear their shoes a lot or if they hate their shoes. Every shoe has a different story to tell.

Good thing is that a lot of women in this country like to use heels to go to work. Everyday after 4:00 PM you see hundreds of women of all ages waiting at the different bus stops to shuttle back to their homes. They stand for hours waiting for their corresponding buses and during that time you can see a lot of gorgeous ladies punishing their feet, ankles and legs with very sexy but uncomfortable pointed toe high heels, tight strapped sandals and many more variations of female shoes that makes you question how they can work with that put on.

Some women tend to be smarter and have another pair of shoes at work that are usually low heeled or without heels at all.High heeled sandals with black straps and fashion costumes in the center strap Others use sandals and medium heel shoes in order to stay comfortable, but at the same time keep a nice heel that helps them look taller and leggier.

Pick up a man and get paid

There are others that dress as if going to a marriage ceremony every day they go to work. They don't use uniforms or anything like that, they put on a long dress, black pantyhose stockings, make up their faces, use fine rings, necklaces and bracelets and go to work at the office this way. These type of overdressed women you can find them most of the time working at government offices, because these offices tend to have a population of poor low waged employees working at their facilities.
They overdress like this because they consider their workplace as a place for picking up men easily so they can have the poor male workmate pay their lunches, gifts and any other expenses that eventually will appear if their friendship develops further.

For my next post, if I remember to do it, I will give you two graphical examples of these boldly dressed women that view their workplace as a matchmaking service.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stealing my Cousin's High Heel Shoes

The First Pair of Women's High Heel Shoes in my Possession

My father had a merchandise storage warehouse near our house. In fact he had this warehouse on the back side of another house that also belonged to him. He rented this house to my cousin which was half warehouse and half living house .
My cousin was a fleshy, busty, tall and leggy woman. Facially, she wasn't the most beautiful, but her physical attributes compensated for all this.
By that time I had around 14 years and she was around 35, she was recently married when she moved into the house. Every night when I went with my brother and father to the warehouse to work, I would notice that her room was just beside the warehouse.
From the warehouse, I managed to stand on a table and peek at her room. There I could see hundreds of boxes of her personal items from clothes, high heel shoes, sandals, boots and even gloves. The best part was that all items where already used and worn. All these findings represented a sort of treasure trove of fetish items for me. I returned home several times planning what I would do to grab at least some of her items.

Operation Hook

One day, when my father left me for a moment at the warehouse, I decided to take action. I took a wire clothes hanger, cut it with a plier, took one extreme of the clothes hanger and bent it until I shaped it into what appeared like a fish hook or elder cane. Immediately after, I stepped on the warehouse table, peeked over her room and using the clothes hanger wire I managed to fish one pair of black leather heeled shoes like the one pictured on the left. The sole of those shoes were very scratched and I could still smell the perfume my cousin used when she wore those shoes.

For the next several days I continued stealing more and more items, I managed to grab the shoes she used during her marriage ceremony, one good smelling purse, two pairs of worn white strappy spanish leather high heels.

During all my fantastic stealing odyssey, I noticed that my cousin liked brand name shoes, because all the items and shoes I got the opportunity to pick up were well crafted and seemingly expensive, their soles where sewn instead of glued . There were no cheap plastic shoes what makes me think she spent a lot of money in brand name quality stuff.

My cousin may have been a great looking woman, but her body left me thirsty enough to keep scavenging for her personal items for several months. Below you can see what type of body my cousin had. The picture shows a nice black female, but my cousin was a white woman. Their bodies are very similar in terms of legs, feet, hips and boobs.

Busty High Heel Latina woman walking

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Used Heels are Better than New Ones

Used Women High Heels versus Brand New High Heels

During my first months of carrying the women's shoes fetishism disease, I came to the conclusion that brand new women high heel shoes had no effect on me. I went to many shoe stores at different shopping centers and tried to get excited, but I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting excited with the hundreds of high heel shoes surrounding me at the store. I grabbed the shoes, tried to "feel" them, looked at them from different angles in vane. The fetish excitation just didn't kick in.
But one day, while I was browsing a shoe store with my mother looking for a casual shoe for me, I saw a leggy secretary woman who was trying several high heel pumps and had many of them laying around after trying them.
Waited for her to finish trying all what she wanted and left, I sneaked into a seat beside where she was seating
moments before and grabbed one of the high heel pump shoes she was trying and immediately felt the "spirit" of the secretary customer. There, I understood that my fetishism is more directed to "used women high heel shoes" than new ones. This discovery helped me step into a fetish hobby I will describe to you in my next weblog update.

The Scent, the essence, the matter what

By this time, I also developed a taste for women's legs, pantyhose stockings, ankle chains and to a less extent any "used" object related to a woman like used earrings, bracelets, purses and similar items.
For example, take a look at the seemingly used high heel sandals sole from the sitting lady on the above picture. It gives the perception of being sacred because is has the sweat, smell and essence of this woman's feet impregnated into the shoe. It indicates a "worn" shoe by a lady you don't know her name and anything about her. And what will happen if some day you have the opportunity to get your hands into a similar "used" women's shoes ? So you will have all your time to dedicate to this pair of beautiful materialistic item that has been part of this woman's daily existence in public.

This is exactly the opportunity I had with my cousin's high heels and I will elaborate more in my next blog post.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

How I started as a women high heel shoe fetishist

Some light historical background

I am right now 31 years old and as far as I remember, I started loving women high heel shoes when I was about 10 to 12 years old. It happens that my mother had a grocery store in downtown and during business hours a lot of people walked in front of our business either going to work, shopping, taking a walk or just window shopping. Right in front of our store there were small makeshift illegal tents setup like a persian bazaar that gathered a lot of poor people trying to sell small items, fruits, vegetables, and all things you can imagine. In a sense these people in front of our store selling their merchandise represented a sort of competition to our business that had to bear the burden of paying government taxes, electricity, air conditioning, utilities, employee salaries and all costs associated with running a real profitable business. These poor people just stayed in the walkway in front of our business and acted like leeches trying to benefit from our presence and sell some merchandise the same way as we did.

Shoe fetishism sticks to you for the rest of your life

It happens that one day I was at the entrance of my mom's business and happened to watch one of these guys selling their stuff and suddenly a latina lady in high heel pumps just walked past in front of me and this guy. I watched how this guy, instead of looking at the woman's face and body as a normal male will do, kept his eyes pinned to her legs and shoes. Wondering and tinkering many times over his attitude and reaction, I noticed that he was admiring her legs, feet and of course, her high heel shoes. From that day, every time I see a girl, I try to see what shoes she is wearing and then I will continue to qualify her other attributes. I just cannot believe how that instance of my life changed and shaped my entire taste for women. I admit that from that day on, I became a women's high heel shoes fetishist.

Picture description: An example of how am I going to feel if I suddenly find out this woman with black high heeled shoes made of pure leather, with her smooth legs crossed and wearing a brown short skirted office uniform sitting beside me. I remember I could even smell her perfume and feel her movements because we shared the same chair. Click the picture or click here to see my full pictures gallery

It changes and reshapes every time Of course, I can boldly say that a lot has changed in my shoe fetish behaviors. Most of the changes are cumulative in a sense that no previous behavior is lost, but instead, it expands to other areas of fetishism as well; while maintaining the original "shoe fetish" tendencies. My fetishism is very vast in terms of how I view it and how I perceive it. Through time I have discovered that there are millions of fetishism manifestations and tendencies/combinations. This, I will continue to elaborate on my next posting. But for now, it is important for the you to know that fetishism is really a sickness for me. It develops and envelops you. Sometimes making you happier and sometimes siezing your precious time and attention to other important task in life like your family and work.

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