Sunday, October 30, 2005

Anklet with Dolphin Pendant and Glamour Removing Trousers

Ankle chain in white high heel sandals and enamel painted toenails
Ankle Chain with Dolphin Pendants

A different than normal viewing angle shot reveals us this feet of a dark skinned color latina woman wearing a pair of white strappy high heeled sandals without ankle straps. Also notice her silver colored ball beaded apparently metal ankle chain. Dangling in the ankle chain you can distinguish small dolphin shaped pendants that move and swing when she walks in those high heeled sandals.To energize more the viewer, she also painted her toenails with biege colored nail enamel paint.
Since wearing sandals will undoubtely expose the woman's toe nails, this latina woman had the courtesy of properly painting her toe nails; and to add to that, she also found the way to emphasize her nails by painting the tip of her nails in white so that keen feet viewer males like us can enjoy que exquisiteness of her paintwork that not only adds glamour to her feet, but accentuates the well cut contours of her nails as well.

Glamour Removing Trousers

Next, this lady really needs some basic feet appeal education. First, she has not taken care of her Glamour removing trousers from golden strap sandalstoe nails. Second, being careless with her nails, she abused by wearing toe exposing sandals. And third, she blatantly used ankle covering trousers which are too long up to the point that it effectively removes the glamour of her otherwise nice looking golden colored strappy high heel sandals. It makes the viewer feel as if she were trying to conceal something in her ankles.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Feet with Corn and Brown Mules Under Table

Corny Feet with Silky Dark Pantyhose and Strappy Sandals

Lady with medium heeled strappy and black sandals. She enjoys a dark silky looking pantyhose stockings. If you observe further, you will notice a protruded roundy corn in her feet which is evident that she also uses pumps and other sorts of tight women shoes. These types of toe Corny feet with silky pantyhosed strap sandals. Click to view larger image.corns are originated by constant friction with constricted high heeled shoes and sometimes pointed toe footwear.

Click on the picture to zoom in and by the way take a closer inspection into her sandal's strap metal buckle. You will find out that she is using almost the last eyelet of the ankle strap and this demonstrates that the poor lady is not using the right shoe size for her feet's size. For me, this is better, because it puts more strain and suffering in the structure of the particular shoe, increasing the fetish value.

This lady wearing the pictured sandal is one of the two personal secretaries working/serving a school principal at his office. They are required to wear red or blue uniforms but nothing else when working.

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Brown Mules Under Table

Here she took off this sexy pair of brown mules to stretch her feet a little bit while seating at the table to eat her lunch. Note the label which appears in her mule's sole. Even when this woman uses this pair of mules constantly, the letters printed on the label hasn't yet worn off. Brown legs and mules with slitted skirt. Click to see me.
Also take your time to appreciate her legs from this undertable picture. The color of her leg's skin matches her mule's color very closely.

Moreover, the slit of the skirt she is wearing is partially open allowing the viewer to see more of her thighs and legs that otherwise could not be seen when she is standing.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Black Leather High Heel Pumps

Sad Office Secretary Lady Wearing Shiny Black Pumps

This poor secretary woman was apparently sad, because in her hands she carries a medical laboratory exam. I don't know about the outcome of her lab examination, but I really Black shiny new high heeled leather pumps with broad heel.noticed a decrease in attention to her surroundings. She left the laboratory after retrieving the results and went directly to the bus stop.

She wears a nice very very shiny pair of black broad high heeled pumps with a distinctive flap on the frontal top.

The seams of the shoes are evident and look strong enough to keep the shoe together for years of use.
Sad secretary woman using black heeled pump shoes
The sole of the shoes are what appears to be made of anti slip black rubber. In summary, this secretary devoted a good part of her salary to purchase this kind of high heel shoes. The other explanation is that her husband or lover gave it to her as a gift.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Woman with Two Anklets and Stair Climbing Chick

Woman with Two Anklets and High Heel Strappy Sandals

This woman really love to wer anklets. She has two anklets on the same left ankle. Adding to her obsession, she enjoys that sandal full of complex straps along with that golden little buckle you can see in her left sandal. A broad heel makes her feel safer when walking. Two anklets high heeled strappy sandals. Click to see larger !
The black plastic strechable anklet fits very tight around her ankle. You can see her flesh sort of squeezzed out by that anklet. The other golden ankle chain doesn't seem too tightened and I wish I can have that chain in my mouth so I can lick that chain link by link and slowly in front of her.
Also, take a look at her toe nails. She has the tip of the nail
painted in white and the rest is unpainted. This toe painting technique is made in order to outline the toe nails in order to take advantage of the intention of the sandals which exposes the woman's feet bare skin.

Stair Climbing Chick

I almost lose this mamacita climbing the stairs. She did so fast that I could barely point my camera and shoot her. Watch her wearing that black medium skirt which appears to be a miniskirt due to the angle of the photograph. Chick climbing stairs in medium skirts and high heel sandals. Click to see larger pic !
Her shoes appears to be of an ankle strap sandal type. Women like and enjoy wearing sandals in hot climates like these because they feel ventilate better, but it also carries disadvantages in terms of what can be seen in your feet.

So in order to properly wear a sandal, it is of utmost importance to compensate the visuals with a nice, clean and well maintained feet. I have seen countless women wear sandals and have ugly feet with blisters, peeled toe nails, scales and even bleeding due to friction cuts with the shoe's straps.

Finally, take a look at this lady sandal's sole. It seems a little bit scratched but it is still new. I like to think she recently bought this pair of sandals and has just worn it a few times. Hope to see it more scratched the next time.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Supermarket Mothers and Pearl White Sandals

Supermarket Mothers in Heeled Sandals

While Supermarket red two strap high heeled sandals. Click here for larger image.forming the line at the supermarket checkout, I noticed these two ladies standing in front of me. One of them was wearing a long white pant with blood red two strap high heeled sandals. They had their cart full of children snacks and cookies which indicates me that either one or maybe both women had children at home. The lady with the red strap sandals, played with her shoes constantly while waiting and this was a sign of feet exhaustion. Women around here like to use heels for every occasion even if knowing beforehand that they will walk/stand a lot during the day.

Medium Heeled Pearl White Slip on Sandals

Sitting lady with white
Sitting pearl white colored slip on high heel sandals. Click here for larger image.pearl colored slip on sandals works as a phone assistant at a fine exclusive wine store. Her job is to take wine orders in bulk quantities for parties and ceremonies. Take a look at the sides of her right shoe and you will notice some black scratches and the lifted sole. Seems as if the sole was not properly glued to the shoe during manufacture time.
Also notice her cotton skirt that matches the color of her shoes. She is not wearing any pantyhose or stockings.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Restaurant Office Secretary and Heeled Sandal Standing Lady

Restaurant Office Secretary Ordering Food

I was having my ordinary daily boring lunch made up of rice, chicken and some beans and there in front of my table stood this sweet butted light green medium skirted secretary lady with black medium heeled quarter strap shoes.
Quarter strap medium heeled women working shoes. Click here to see it bigger.
Working women around here like to wear these types of shoes and many prefer the duck pointed ones. Their wage is barely enough for food, clothing, some expenses and nothing else.
They earn around 400$ to 800$ monthly for standard secretary and receptionist jobs. A meal at this restaurant including a soft drink is around 2.50$ to 3.00$ per person. Multiply that for 24 working days per month (24X3.00$) equals 72.00$ per month just for lunch. If you take into consideration the utility bills, taxes, dinner, breakfast, children's school, public transportation fees and all those expenses, you will see they are all waiting in line to win the lottery someday. Of course, you can get a cheaper lunch somewhere else, but forget the conditioned air, roof, clean tables and seats; and get ready to eat with flies flying around you.

Standing Woman with Heeled Sandals Selling Lunches

This nice woman is always standing at the entrance of a government office building. She arrives there almost every day at 11:00 am in order to sell the food she has in that bag you see in the picture. She has pork meat with rice, fish filet and rice, rice mixed with shrimps and even more I don't remember. Her menu varies every day and she charges around 1.75$ to 2.50$ depending on what you choose to eat.
Sexy mature woman with heeled sandals selling food.
What called my attention is that she always wears some type of high heeled shoes with a preference to sandals. Never wears any pantyhose or stockings. Sometimes she uses some nice short skirts and at other times you can see her with the pants pictured.
People around call her Lorna and several high government officials even tip her for being "cute standing there". Seems like a complex woman and may live double lives (at night), because her fingers are full of rings of different colors and styles. I suspect she "really" knows how to persuade her surrounding "friends" to buy her "gifts" and "jewels".

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cracked Sole in Sandal and Woven Anklets

Cracked Sole is a Sign of Bad Shoe Playing Habit

Women at the office tend to play a lot with their shoes, sometimes because the arch of the heel makes them feel they have a hook down their feet or the heel heightBlack cracked sole high heeled sandals. Click to see a larger view is so high it gets bothersome when seating. Especially when they use office chairs with wheel casters, their high heel shoes tend to get stuck between the base of the chair and that makes them flex their shoes to reaccomodate. It is that constant flexing and daily walking that make a cheap high heeled sandal like the one we see in the picture start to crack and peel. It ultimately cracks so much that the frontal straps will loosen and render the shoe unusable. I have seen a lot of chinese made shoes finish their useful life in this manner.

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Young Girl with 3.5 inches Heels and Blue Woven Anklet

This young chick had nice feet and what caught my attention was her light blue colored woven anklet. High heel sandals with nice blueish woven anklet. Click to see a mega detailed image.Click on the thumbnail and you will get a bigger and more detailed picture. She also enjoys wearing a light
tan high heeled sandals with ankle straps. Her anklet also has a dangling detail which makes her look much more sexy and provocative.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lottery Buyer and Black Ankle Strap High Heels

This is an office girl wearing a gray uniform set with medium skirt. She has a pair of leather Uniform woman with medium heel strap shoe styled in the 1920'sblack shiny medium heeled shoes like those used in the 1920's. It was lunch time and this office girl took a moment to purchase some lottery tickets from this seated woman selling them. The girl had her lunch in her right hand at the moment she purchased the tickets.
She used an almost unnoticeable thin pantyhose in her legs since those shoes tend to hurt the feet due to the amount of straps it is made with.

This next woman had a black long skirt with a frontal lower slit opening to assist in her daily walking. She wears high heeled shoes with ankle straps that has a frontal opening that allows her to show up her toeSexy ankle strap heeled shoes. This shoe is specially made for this purpose so that women can paint their toes and use this type of high heels to highlight the painted toe nails. In fact, this particular lady had her toes painted in blood red to make it stand out. Take a look at her right feet and you can see that she is forming an open arch between her feet and the shoes. That makes a woman's feet look so sexy.

Brand Name leather high heels with ankle straps

High detail of ankle strap black leather open toe high heel shoes

To the right, we get a closer look into these strappy high heels. Notice she is not using any kind of stockings so her feet is in direct contact with the shoe's leather material. (click on the right picture and you will get a high detail image)
These shoes appear to be of good quality because you can see the sole fitting securely into the top part. Also, the borders of the frontal straps appear to be sewn and that is a good evidence these shoes could be brand name ones and NOT Made in China.

Not all high heels are the same. There is a huge difference between chinese made women shoes and name brand ones. You can feel the quality and craftmanship in the latter one.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Pointed Toe High Heel Mules and Round Butts

Today I was inside a supermarket's pharmacy and managed to grab a picture of this lady wearing a wine red cardigan leaning on the counter. She had a light gray trousers awoman wearing a cardigan and nice buttock enhancing trousers. Click for larger imagend a black strappy high heel sandals that cannot be appreciated very well due to her trousers. Her pants combines nicely with her buttocks making it look round.

She was asking for the availability of several medicine brands and had a list in her hands where she tagged the ones available and the ones that were back ordered.

Pointed Toe High Heel Mules

Outside the supermarket, I came across this woman with a pointed toe leather black high heel Pointed toe black high heel mule worn, used and smelly. Click here to enlargemules. It had straps on its sides. She stood there for about 20 minutes talking with a man.

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