Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scratched heeled mule soles

Woman from Ecuador

Jobless woman from Quito, Ecuador is sitting near a governmentjobless mule wearing lady sponsored job seeking office waiting for her turn for a job interview. She proudly wears a thong mule. The thong strap of the mule has a braided finish.

She had a very frugal breakfast consisting of packed cookies and a cup of cold coffee.

Her financial situation is near critical, having to sustain a family of 7 children, the older has 15 years and a disabled husband who cannot work.

Thong mules

See the deatiled thong sandalwork of this braided thong low heeled mule. From the side you can also see that the sole of her mule is scratched and dirty. It even has an orange price sticker under it.
The constant wear and tear of her mule shoes demonstrates how much abuse these shoes withstand from active working women.

Scratched thong mule soles

When she pivoted her feet, I could clearly documentheeled mule scratched sole how scratched and used up was her low heeled mule thong sandal. Even the orange colored price sticker was subjected to scratches. This jobless woman has abused from her shoes without mercy at all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ankle strap high heels

Ankle Strap High Heels

Pair of ladies legs with daring kinky ankle strap highheel shoes.Ankle strap high heels The constant use of such heeled footware made her thighs and calves develop kind of a muscle strength in order to compensate for the feet's physical effort she constantly faces when wearing heels of this magnitude.

The good thing is that these types of highheels with open frontal part helps to ventilate a lot her feet and avoids feet deseases especially in tropical climates.

Index finger and heels

The necessity for more income and the need to buy moreIndex finger heels and more exotic highheel shoes has driven this latina woman to gamble and purchase vast amounts of lottery ticket with slim chances to win.

She is immersed in debts and her only hope and escape is to gamble her small salary in the lotto.

Heeled black wedge sandals of lotto woman

Introducing painted toes and lateral carved black high heels wedge sandals many lottery sellingHeeled black wedge sandals women can afford to wear these types of highheels all day long because they remain seated most of the time.

They sometimes even take them off and hide them under the lottery table and assume nobody will appreciate them, but I do and every time I see one of these highheel shoes parking under a lottery table administered by a nice household woman, I wish I were a little man and be able to live under the inner sole of the shoes.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hard wedge sandal of office woman

In tropical countries, office women tend to go to work with wedge sandal shoes like these. Since the temperature never goes below 28 Celsius and toenail feet sandal wedge shoe heel painted office woman archedhumidity is always above 85%, practical women working in poorly air temperature regulated office buildings choose to wear open footwear in order to combat the heat and feel more comfortable.

They also wear these types of shoes in order to flirt a little bit and showcase their nice feet as the picture evidences. Her feet is free of callus or any other kind of disgusting foot diseases or wounds. Notice that her toe nails are simplistically painted in white on the edges in order to highlight the toe nails for the viewer.

Working medium heeled shoes surrounded by garbage
Woman waiting for her morning shift working as a store clerk in a boutique shop inside the airport duty free area. She had a strong odor of cheap woman antiperspirant deodorant. heel shoes permeate sun ray bathe airport duty free zone garbage trash step shoes

Outside the airport duty free zone, the surrounding public spaces was so littered with garbage that she had to stop over pieces of paper and kick soda cans a couple of times. Since it was dawn, the sun bather her legs nicely permeating her skin with a golden radiant color.

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