Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Canned Food Supervisor and Digital Pictures Sling Back Wearing Gal

Canned foods high heels supervisor lady

Shopping inside a supermarket, this nice legged lady was glimpsing at
canned food aisle supermarket high heel shoes sandals strap side slit skirt supervisor ladythe various canned fish foods. See her side slitted long beige colored skirt along with a high heeled white strap supported sandals. In the main picture, you can even slightly see the inside of her skirt which, by the way, needed some hot ironing to remove the wrinkles.

This lady had an i.d. card clipped into the skirt near her waist. Her name was "Marcela Almengor". Her duty, as the i.d. stated, was supposed to be a supervisor. Maybe she was assigned as the canned foods department supervisor by the supermarket. Or maybe she was just hired to walk in the supermarket aisles with her smooth legs and nice high heels in order to attract more customers. She attracted me, indeed.

Digital photo developing woman customer

Leaning against the counter, this latin looking chick was trying to use the digital photo computer in order to get her pictures printed. Wearing these flesh toned sling back pointed toe high heeled shoes, she spent several minutes pressing the touch sensitive screen of the digital photo machine.
digital photo service memory sling back sandals flesh tone medium skirt heels legs calves
On her right side, you can appreciate her black fake leather purse. No one was near her, that is why she even took the chance of leaving her purse wide open with all her documentation, i.d. cards and even checkbook in plain sight.
Notice her charcoal colored medium skirt. It was made of a nylon-cotton blend. The digital images she was trying to get developed were of some random blurry home amateurish subjects and settings, most of which were shot against a very bright background. I am sure her digital camera was one of those fully automatic point and shoot models that come with a fixed focus lens.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Harassed Leggy Greek Lady and Voluptuous Airline Stewardess

Black miniskirt woman being harassed by unrespectful elder man
Greek woman at the postal office harass elder man trouble miniskirt legs high heel sling back calves sultry insulting molest mail envelope lady greek drunkenwas trying to send some mail back to her family in Greece. She posed sexily with a black miniskirt and floral-print knit dress that is styled with an adjustable drawcord to shape the waist. The dress allows the viewer unrestricted appreciation for her smooth back, while at the same time, the side open slit miniskirt she wore consents the onlooker the special opportunity to the glimpse at her smooth muscle developed legs and calves supported by a black high heeled sling back pointed toe sandal. All of a sudden, an elder man, somewhat drunk, approached her from behind and pushed her against the postal office counter with his whole body. He got so close to her as if trying to breath her perspiration and body smell. The woman immediately stepped aside in order to separate from the man. The man continually stepped closer to her wherever she stood keeping his body harassingly close to her in a sultry and insulting manner. Finally, the poor woman gave up and had to leave the postal office with the mail envelope still in her hands with her face pale in shame caused by the drunken elder man who harassed her out of nothing. See the inset pictures and make your own judgement.

Airliner stewardess in sexy standing pose

Dallas Fort Worth Airport is a good place to glimpsestewardess flight attendant  high heel uniform tight leather shoes cellphone terminal airline pose pantyhose night club nightlife part-time at sexy, tightly dressed uniformed flight attendants. They wear medium to high heeled leather shoes, dark pantyhose and impeccable uniforms. As in this example, they also stand in front of the terminal's restaurants and assume voluptuous nightlife or night club body poses in front of salivating passengers bore to death waiting for their flights. Stewardess of all races and ages play with their tiring heeled shoes, flex their legs and talk over flashing cellphones as if they were selling themselves for after work service.

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Cheating secretary wife is double diddled by two men

Sling back medium height heeled diddle cheat love affair slingback heeled sandals secretary office woman lady crossed legs divorce diddleshoes belonging to a crossed legs secretary having lunch with her lover. They meet most of the time at the mall's cafeteria during her lunchtime so as to hide their off marriage relationationship. The secretary is married with another man and he seldom comes to visit her, so she decided to establish a sideline relationship with the guy sitting in front of her in order to complement and fulfill her sexual and emotional life. 4 months later, her husband found out about her adventures and seized all her belongings, so she was left with nothing. Coincidentally, when the lover noticed their secret love affair was discovered he told her that her husband paid him to make her fall in love with him, so his husband had the legitimate excuse to take everything from her and ask for a divorce.