Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Red Sandals with Unpainted Toenails

Red black woman slip on thong sandals

Black woman wearing this sexy reddish slip on thong sandals made of dyed leather. slipon thong sandals black skin tone color feet beads flower decorationThe top part has a flower decorative element as well as the sides with sewn beads. These distractive elements have the intention to break the monotony of the smooth wide thong strap.

Also see the two different skin tones of her feet, where the lower part is lighter than her upper half. All black women have this skin tone peculiarity in their feet and it can me more noticeable when they wear feet exposing sandals like these.

Unpainted toe nails in red sandals

With her two red heeled sandals, the left one is tilted to the left for you to see the flower top decorative thong unpainted toenails sandals feet black lady beads sew flower decoration strap leatherdetail as well as the string tied sewn beads. See that the strap is also sewn in the borders for durability and resistance. One point against this woman is that she did not take care of her toe nails.
Had she painted her toenails, these sexy heeled sandals would have rhymed nicely.

Corky heel white strappy sandals

Blue pants lady rushing with a pair of white strappy sandals. It has straps everywhere, even on the back so we had to classify this pair of shoes as white strappy sandals with slingback fastening and cork heels.
strappy cork heels feet sandals legs pants feet slingback arch
Notice the insoles are well cushioned with a bluish yellow striped cloth. moreover, the cork finish heels has a little arch that make the shoes unclassify itself as wedge shoes and keep its sandals classification.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dangling Thong Sandals and Chipped Cracked Office Heels

Dangling sandals with nice legs

Crossed legs of a college student girl who apparently had problems with her neck while sleeping. dangling sandal mule feet dangling dangle swing crossed legs short skirt purse sexy beautiful neck support broken orthopedicNow you can see her using an orthopedic neck support, but despite all the troubles, she had the desire and urge to wear a dress set made up of a short skirt and flower stamps along with a pair of low heeled slip on thong sandals with a green border, thus matching her purse and clothing. While waiting with her legs crossed, she developed a nervous tick of playing with one of her sandals, dangling it and swinging it flirtatiously in front of other people. View more detailed pictures at http://www.metropolitanvoyeur.com

Short skirt and crossed dangling thong sandals

Latina college student playing with her dangling thong strap green insoles sandals. thong sandals strap slipon crossed legs feet tan neck support broken short skirt miniskirt sexy flirtShe had her tanned legs crossed while seated at the bus stop, Her toe nails were painted in white and uniformly cut short. Apparently she broke her neck at night and now needs to wear a neck support aid. The short skirt she wore made her feel very uncomfortable because she had to extend it several times in order to avoid showing more than necessary. Short skirts have this tendency to shorten itself while seated, that is why women need to pay attention to this natural behavior of the skirt and constantly make the necessary adjustments. See more of this college girl picture collection at http://www.metropolitanvoyeur.com

Chipped and peeled black office chunky heeled shoes

For abused high heel shoes lovers, I bring you this picture of a chipped and peeled office chunky black high heel shoes. chunky peel chip cracked pantyhose kneel squat office high heels skirt legs lady grocery supermarketThis damage to the shoes is sometimes due to excessive exposure to sunlight. I have seen this type of wear and damage in waste dump shoes that have passed months exposed to sunlight. this detail called my attention immediately since I have never seen a woman wearing such pair of shoes so peeled and chipped by the environment. Another factor that could contribute to this is constant kneeling and squating. Doing these two activities tends to crack and peel a shoe no matter what material it is made of. Watching this lady and watching her heels I dare to conclude that she works at a supermarket or grocery store that forces her to kneel continuously in order to accomodate the merchandise in the lower shelves.

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