Friday, December 22, 2006

Scratched Reinforced Chunky Heels and Aching Veiny Feet

Veiny aching feet in black high wide heel duck pointed shoes

Poor ache aching feet poke pump scales shoes swollen veinyuniformed woman had to stand for a long time with these duck pointed black high heel pumps. See how the shoes front expands while her feet becomes veiny and swollen. Her toes almost poke out of the shoes due to sheer tightness pressure. Even with all this suffering, this woman insists in wearing high heel shoes every day she goes to work.

Black capri pants with chunky heels
chunky heels shoes black capri cellphone prepaid calf calves legs
Black woman wearing black capri pants that exposes her calves is trying to figure out how to use a basic prepaid cellphone. She had a pair of black chuny heeled strap shoes with lateral cut outlines.

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Duck pointed black bold and strong chunky heels

Chunkysewn cutout chunky heel feet woman duck point reinforced strap abuse resistant proof heeled shoes with straps and duck pointed style. The side of the shoes has triangle cutouts made to ventilate the feet and at the same time to add a decorative taste to it. Each triangle cutout is reinforced with sewn thread so that it does not crack like broken glass.

Chunky high heel scratched shoes

Closeup of chunky high heel black leather shoes. See how abusesewn peel off chunky heeled shoes thread strap feet arch scratch abuse abused scard and scratched this shoe is. Look at the heel and feel the beating and scars it has. The soles at still tightly sticked together into the insoles. The triangle cutouts you see at the back are reinforced with sewn threads and the borders of the strap are also sewn in order to keep it from peeling off, which demonstrates, once again, that this shoe is of good quality.