Friday, December 22, 2006

Scratched Reinforced Chunky Heels and Aching Veiny Feet

Veiny aching feet in black high wide heel duck pointed shoes

Poor ache aching feet poke pump scales shoes swollen veinyuniformed woman had to stand for a long time with these duck pointed black high heel pumps. See how the shoes front expands while her feet becomes veiny and swollen. Her toes almost poke out of the shoes due to sheer tightness pressure. Even with all this suffering, this woman insists in wearing high heel shoes every day she goes to work.

Black capri pants with chunky heels
chunky heels shoes black capri cellphone prepaid calf calves legs
Black woman wearing black capri pants that exposes her calves is trying to figure out how to use a basic prepaid cellphone. She had a pair of black chuny heeled strap shoes with lateral cut outlines.

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Duck pointed black bold and strong chunky heels

Chunkysewn cutout chunky heel feet woman duck point reinforced strap abuse resistant proof heeled shoes with straps and duck pointed style. The side of the shoes has triangle cutouts made to ventilate the feet and at the same time to add a decorative taste to it. Each triangle cutout is reinforced with sewn thread so that it does not crack like broken glass.

Chunky high heel scratched shoes

Closeup of chunky high heel black leather shoes. See how abusesewn peel off chunky heeled shoes thread strap feet arch scratch abuse abused scard and scratched this shoe is. Look at the heel and feel the beating and scars it has. The soles at still tightly sticked together into the insoles. The triangle cutouts you see at the back are reinforced with sewn threads and the borders of the strap are also sewn in order to keep it from peeling off, which demonstrates, once again, that this shoe is of good quality.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Party Woman on Aching High Heel Strap Sandals

Aching two support strap black high heeled slip on sandals of foxy bar woman
Kinky black provoctive double strap slip on high heeled sandals of a woman leaving a bar-discoteque early in the morning. She was foxing the whole night inside the bar with friends and unknown shady underworld people.
Since morning arrived, tbar woman inadequate strap highheel sandals slipon night dress sweat hot aching arch feet leg calveshe bar closed and she was left out with a big headache, aching high heeled sandals and a night dress unsuitable for day use because it was too hot for day use. So her only option was to wait outside with the full sun shining over her dress and standing in pain on those high heeled sandals constanly arching her feet and making her uncomfortable with the two support straps slip on design of the shoes.
She had to constantly rock her shoes from side to side (as you can see in the inset picture) in order to momentarily soothe a little of the pain she was feeling in her feet caused by using inadequate shoes for the whole night she had fun at the bar.

Cross fashion medium heeled shoes
Native lady dressed in red/black uniform is standing straight inside dirty bus stop.
leather strap dirty bus stop pile trash excrement uniform calves legs smelly odor
She had to step over piles of public trash in order to get into the bus stop. Once at the bus stop, do not even dream of sitting because the seats are so dirty and choke full of human squalor that all wall were near black.
People even stand on the seats when it rains in order to avoid getting splashed by passing cars.
This woman wears a nice black leather cross styled strap medium heeled shoes especially designed for comfort and working elegance. The insoles are cushioned and the upper straps in cross design help the woman keep those shoes fixed into her feet when seating on rolling office chairs.

Slingback frontal top cross strap fashioned medium heel shoes surrounded by trash
Black leather medium heeletrash dirty bus stop slingback frontal strap cross leather shoes lady standing surroundd working female shoes surrounder by heaps of public trash thrown carelessly everywhere by dirty citizens. She had to literally step over several trash bags and empty juice cardboard containers like the ones you see in the background in order to get into the bus stop. Sometimes she even has to walk over and squish bags with organic food and trashed leftover food on the floor. Luckily her shoes were well strapped into her feet by a frontal top crossed black strap design and slingbacks.

Garbage surrounded working lady shoes

shoe garbage cross strappy slingback fetish leather

Frontal direct view of uniformed working woman with everyday use medium heeled cross strap shoes. Kicking trash everywhere, she managed to dodge as well as step on little heaps of society thrown garbage beside her.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Exhibitionist Women Who Like to Call Attention in Public

Striving extra short skirt home loan representative woman

Woman intentionlly wearing an office uniformskirt office uniform extra smooth legs stride walk sandals ankle strap lust desire woman lady employee with extra short skirts is striding across the congested city's concrete pathway. Take a look at the inset pictures and you can notice a man lusting her legs and shoes from behind. He just stayed there staring at her long legs and short light gray skirt. She was wearing sort of a leather platform sandals with ankle straps and carrying a white plastic bag. She works as a bank representative qualifying prospective home loans. After leaving work she heads to the bus stop to take a 2 hours ride back to her apartment room she shares with her mother who suffers from Parkinsons disease. Using her low income she barely strives to survive the cost of life and the cost of her mother's medicine. Yes, she is still single as far as I know.

Latina lover walking toward her meeting point in heeled mules

Butty black latina female is walking towards the meeting point previously mules sandals heel buttocks butt bracelet ring anklets ankle chain sway jeans lover amante purseestablished with her lover. Every Wednesday of the week, she takes a 40 minutes bus ride to reach this place and have good moments with her lover guy. This guy has another girlfriend who is not aware of his unfaithful and disloyal attitude. The woman you see here is fully aware that her lover has another woman, but she does not care at all. She just want to meet him and share some good moments together. If you look carefully, you will see that her left foot has a golden sexy ankle chain. Also, her left wrist is choke full of golden bracelets and rings purchased by her lover. All this jewelry portrays a very complex woman, so complex she does not even understand what she is doing everyday.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sued M.I.L.F. Orange Heels and Vegeance Victim Teacher

Cornered hard working sexy orange high heel milf with plenty of problems

Office woman in orange colored high heel sandals is trying to open her cheap purse to pay for the newspaper she tends
orange pants high heel sandals sue pregnant son courthouse recess hardwork newspaper pay widow familyto buy every morning near her workplace. 14 days ago one of her 2 sons was diagnosed of cancer. She had no husband so a heavy burden was upon her in order to maintain the whole family. Like a mule, she worked non stop 14 hours a day from sundays to sundays. To worsen the scene, her second son met the lady on the right picture who was wering a tight butt contouring nylon synthetic navy blue pants. Her son was 15 years younger than the lady on the right. To make it more gruesome and problematic, she got pregnant from him and started to sue is mother (the lady on the left wearing the orange pants) This picture was taken outside the courthouse during a session recess. The sexy milf on the left lost the case and had to pay 10000 dollars to the blue pants lady in order to indemnify her and pay for the abortion.

Nasty school teacher wearing black strap sandalswithout slingbacks

High school teacher lady wearing strappy black sandals with glittering decorations. She was famous forschool teacher nasty chewing gum revenge cellphone ban class classroom pants feet glitter heel shine her cellphone confiscation activities during class in order to enforce her no-cellphone-use policy inside classrooms. As a revenge, her the students of her class arranged to stick a chewing gum near the border of her chair. Since she always used pants like the ones shown, the chewing gum stuck to her pants ruining it for the day.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Canned Food Supervisor and Digital Pictures Sling Back Wearing Gal

Canned foods high heels supervisor lady

Shopping inside a supermarket, this nice legged lady was glimpsing at
canned food aisle supermarket high heel shoes sandals strap side slit skirt supervisor ladythe various canned fish foods. See her side slitted long beige colored skirt along with a high heeled white strap supported sandals. In the main picture, you can even slightly see the inside of her skirt which, by the way, needed some hot ironing to remove the wrinkles.

This lady had an i.d. card clipped into the skirt near her waist. Her name was "Marcela Almengor". Her duty, as the i.d. stated, was supposed to be a supervisor. Maybe she was assigned as the canned foods department supervisor by the supermarket. Or maybe she was just hired to walk in the supermarket aisles with her smooth legs and nice high heels in order to attract more customers. She attracted me, indeed.

Digital photo developing woman customer

Leaning against the counter, this latin looking chick was trying to use the digital photo computer in order to get her pictures printed. Wearing these flesh toned sling back pointed toe high heeled shoes, she spent several minutes pressing the touch sensitive screen of the digital photo machine.
digital photo service memory sling back sandals flesh tone medium skirt heels legs calves
On her right side, you can appreciate her black fake leather purse. No one was near her, that is why she even took the chance of leaving her purse wide open with all her documentation, i.d. cards and even checkbook in plain sight.
Notice her charcoal colored medium skirt. It was made of a nylon-cotton blend. The digital images she was trying to get developed were of some random blurry home amateurish subjects and settings, most of which were shot against a very bright background. I am sure her digital camera was one of those fully automatic point and shoot models that come with a fixed focus lens.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Harassed Leggy Greek Lady and Voluptuous Airline Stewardess

Black miniskirt woman being harassed by unrespectful elder man
Greek woman at the postal office harass elder man trouble miniskirt legs high heel sling back calves sultry insulting molest mail envelope lady greek drunkenwas trying to send some mail back to her family in Greece. She posed sexily with a black miniskirt and floral-print knit dress that is styled with an adjustable drawcord to shape the waist. The dress allows the viewer unrestricted appreciation for her smooth back, while at the same time, the side open slit miniskirt she wore consents the onlooker the special opportunity to the glimpse at her smooth muscle developed legs and calves supported by a black high heeled sling back pointed toe sandal. All of a sudden, an elder man, somewhat drunk, approached her from behind and pushed her against the postal office counter with his whole body. He got so close to her as if trying to breath her perspiration and body smell. The woman immediately stepped aside in order to separate from the man. The man continually stepped closer to her wherever she stood keeping his body harassingly close to her in a sultry and insulting manner. Finally, the poor woman gave up and had to leave the postal office with the mail envelope still in her hands with her face pale in shame caused by the drunken elder man who harassed her out of nothing. See the inset pictures and make your own judgement.

Airliner stewardess in sexy standing pose

Dallas Fort Worth Airport is a good place to glimpsestewardess flight attendant  high heel uniform tight leather shoes cellphone terminal airline pose pantyhose night club nightlife part-time at sexy, tightly dressed uniformed flight attendants. They wear medium to high heeled leather shoes, dark pantyhose and impeccable uniforms. As in this example, they also stand in front of the terminal's restaurants and assume voluptuous nightlife or night club body poses in front of salivating passengers bore to death waiting for their flights. Stewardess of all races and ages play with their tiring heeled shoes, flex their legs and talk over flashing cellphones as if they were selling themselves for after work service.

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Cheating secretary wife is double diddled by two men

Sling back medium height heeled diddle cheat love affair slingback heeled sandals secretary office woman lady crossed legs divorce diddleshoes belonging to a crossed legs secretary having lunch with her lover. They meet most of the time at the mall's cafeteria during her lunchtime so as to hide their off marriage relationationship. The secretary is married with another man and he seldom comes to visit her, so she decided to establish a sideline relationship with the guy sitting in front of her in order to complement and fulfill her sexual and emotional life. 4 months later, her husband found out about her adventures and seized all her belongings, so she was left with nothing. Coincidentally, when the lover noticed their secret love affair was discovered he told her that her husband paid him to make her fall in love with him, so his husband had the legitimate excuse to take everything from her and ask for a divorce.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Muscular Calves Leggy Money Beggar and Massive Cork Wedge Sandals

Seducing boyfriend with legs to get money

This native latina girl went to her boyfriend's workplace boyfriend calf calves legs skinny muscle black high heel wedge sandals feet miniskirt denim clothesto ask him to lend her some money to purchase clothes at the nearby department store. The guy barely had enough money for his lunch but the charm and loveliness of this leggy and tall chick begging for money made him take out his wallet to hand her some money.

Watch how foxy is her standing pose of supporting her body weight on just one straightened leg, while the other is acting as a hook and lure to attract the attention of the male. Moreover, you've got to add to her credit the denim miniskirt, great and well developed calves and black plastic frontal strap high heeled wedge shoes.

With all these winning seductive attributes, the guy will be emptying his pocket and perhaps his paycheck before he is even paid by his employer.

Black wedge high heeled sandals wirth veiny feet

Peeking closer into this latina native money begging chick, you can see that her feet are veiny veiny vein feet black sandal wedge sun ray cast shadow plastic interlaced lace strap sexy  seducedue to constant wearing of high heel shoes. The black wedge sandal with frontal interlaced straps makes her look bold and confident of herself.

If you take a close look at her heels, you can see the sun shinning just behind it. This photo was taken when the sun was setting behind her so the sun's rays completely filled the rear part of her legs and feet making it look reddish-gold and casting a shadow of her expanded blood vein in her left feet.

Flesh leaning on column with platform sandals

Big fleshy dyed hair blonde imitator artificial latina sandals cork wedge butt flesh stuffed halter jeans strap constrict curvelady loaded up with a lot of female flesh is leaning at the bus support column structure. She used a thin sexy pink lacy halter and a very tight jeans. Important to notice is her brown strap cork platform wedge. Next to her you can see another woman with white jacket and wide hips.

Today's women may suffer a lot from pants constriction in order to look sexy, they go to extremes and wear intentionally cramped clothing in order to highlight their body curves.

Cork wedge heeled sandals of booty chick

Analyzing in more microscopic detail this cork platform wedge shoe, we can gather visual information that helps us to understand the taste of this woman and why she chose to wear this type of footwear.

Let us first establish that cork sandals are very comfortable since microscopically, cork contains thousands of small pockets of air that makes it look porous. This material characteristic acts as a natural suspension for the feet. It makes the shoe more wearable, spongy and easier to put your feet on. Add to this the body mass of this lady and you start to see why the sandal's heels are starting to squash by forming wrinkles. This booty chick must be heavy and massive in weight. cork heel sandal wedge shoes strap brown wrinkle squash soft comfortable talAlso, notice that women always like to look taller than what they really are.

These sandals cheat the woman's height by adding around one and a half inches of horizontal height plus another one and a half more inches of heel heigh for a total height of around 3 inches. Shoes like these help women look taller and leggier without sacrificing much comfort and stability. The secret lies in the raised sole. As you can see, the distance between the insole and the floor is around 1.5 inches of gained height without raising the heel, which we will call the platform height.This particular sandal raises the heel by about 1.5 inches more after the 1.5 inches of platform height for a total of 3 inches risking much stability.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Uniform Woman White Strap Sandals and Flat Sandals with Painted Toenails

Stuck painful small toe corn in white highheel sandals

Gray uniform elegantly dressed woman just leaving her workplace after spending the whole day working corn painful strap leather sandals highheels legs uniform office workplace woman female lady secretary officer callus teardrop elegantwith a pair of white leather strappy high heel sandals. Her smallest toe has an inflamed and swollen corn produced by the continous contact of her toe with one of the sandal's straps.

Behind these white heels you can also see another woman wearing a medium heeled black ankle strap shoes with frontal teardrop shaped decorative cutouts. the material used for both shoes are no doubt leather, but the craftmanship is dubious. craftmanship and material quality are two importan variables when evaluating female shoes.

Painted toenails with anklet chains and thong sandals

Ok, I know this does not classify as a high heel shoe, but what called my attention to this girl is her artistically painted blue ray colored toenails.

corn painful strap leather sandals highheels legs uniform office workplace woman female lady secretary officer callus teardrop elegantClose up of a female feet with blue painted toenails, anklet chain around her left feet with dangling silverish accents. Matching her toenails, there is a comfortable light blue colored thong strap flat sandals. The toenails has a painted white flower over the blue enameled background.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Red Sandals with Unpainted Toenails

Red black woman slip on thong sandals

Black woman wearing this sexy reddish slip on thong sandals made of dyed leather. slipon thong sandals black skin tone color feet beads flower decorationThe top part has a flower decorative element as well as the sides with sewn beads. These distractive elements have the intention to break the monotony of the smooth wide thong strap.

Also see the two different skin tones of her feet, where the lower part is lighter than her upper half. All black women have this skin tone peculiarity in their feet and it can me more noticeable when they wear feet exposing sandals like these.

Unpainted toe nails in red sandals

With her two red heeled sandals, the left one is tilted to the left for you to see the flower top decorative thong unpainted toenails sandals feet black lady beads sew flower decoration strap leatherdetail as well as the string tied sewn beads. See that the strap is also sewn in the borders for durability and resistance. One point against this woman is that she did not take care of her toe nails.
Had she painted her toenails, these sexy heeled sandals would have rhymed nicely.

Corky heel white strappy sandals

Blue pants lady rushing with a pair of white strappy sandals. It has straps everywhere, even on the back so we had to classify this pair of shoes as white strappy sandals with slingback fastening and cork heels.
strappy cork heels feet sandals legs pants feet slingback arch
Notice the insoles are well cushioned with a bluish yellow striped cloth. moreover, the cork finish heels has a little arch that make the shoes unclassify itself as wedge shoes and keep its sandals classification.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dangling Thong Sandals and Chipped Cracked Office Heels

Dangling sandals with nice legs

Crossed legs of a college student girl who apparently had problems with her neck while sleeping. dangling sandal mule feet dangling dangle swing crossed legs short skirt purse sexy beautiful neck support broken orthopedicNow you can see her using an orthopedic neck support, but despite all the troubles, she had the desire and urge to wear a dress set made up of a short skirt and flower stamps along with a pair of low heeled slip on thong sandals with a green border, thus matching her purse and clothing. While waiting with her legs crossed, she developed a nervous tick of playing with one of her sandals, dangling it and swinging it flirtatiously in front of other people. View more detailed pictures at

Short skirt and crossed dangling thong sandals

Latina college student playing with her dangling thong strap green insoles sandals. thong sandals strap slipon crossed legs feet tan neck support broken short skirt miniskirt sexy flirtShe had her tanned legs crossed while seated at the bus stop, Her toe nails were painted in white and uniformly cut short. Apparently she broke her neck at night and now needs to wear a neck support aid. The short skirt she wore made her feel very uncomfortable because she had to extend it several times in order to avoid showing more than necessary. Short skirts have this tendency to shorten itself while seated, that is why women need to pay attention to this natural behavior of the skirt and constantly make the necessary adjustments. See more of this college girl picture collection at

Chipped and peeled black office chunky heeled shoes

For abused high heel shoes lovers, I bring you this picture of a chipped and peeled office chunky black high heel shoes. chunky peel chip cracked pantyhose kneel squat office high heels skirt legs lady grocery supermarketThis damage to the shoes is sometimes due to excessive exposure to sunlight. I have seen this type of wear and damage in waste dump shoes that have passed months exposed to sunlight. this detail called my attention immediately since I have never seen a woman wearing such pair of shoes so peeled and chipped by the environment. Another factor that could contribute to this is constant kneeling and squating. Doing these two activities tends to crack and peel a shoe no matter what material it is made of. Watching this lady and watching her heels I dare to conclude that she works at a supermarket or grocery store that forces her to kneel continuously in order to accomodate the merchandise in the lower shelves.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Secretary Sexy Strappy Heels and Legs and Skull Rib Bones Shoes

Leggy bare feet slipped into high heeled black strappy sandals of secretary

Leaving her office workplace installations, this receptionist secretary stands on a rough improvised bus stop with a gray short skirt uniform and strappy leather black high heel sandals. secretady sandal black matte opaque leather finish highheel feet legs pantyhose skirt umbrella sexy foxy strap ankleThe material and finish of the sandals' straps is made with a black matte leather that makes the strap look opaque and dull.
Wearing this pair of sandals for the whole day makes a woman develop red strap markings that sometimes even translate into painful toe blisters. Notice that this secretary also carries an umbrella since she spends a lot of time waiting for public transportation at open and roofless bus stops exposed to rain and the harsh environments.
Finally, note that due to the heat, she doesn't wear any pantyhose or stockings. She slips her feet directly into those sandals and use them for the whole working day. Office women here don't like to use pantyhose much, unlike cold and temperate countries, where boots and thick pantyhoses are a must.

Bone skull shaped heeled white shoes

A friend of mine called these heeled white shoes "the skull heels" because looking from behind it, it resembles human bones and skulls. Especially the white thin frontal and back straps makes the effect of human rib bones.

Of special mention is also the space left by the wearer's skull bones ribs white highheels strap thin anklet ankle chain blister peel stickarched feet and the insole of the shoes. This arch space created opportunity for the viewer to see that the insole of her right shoe has a peeling piece of patch paper. This piece of paper comes originally with the shoe, but due to wear, walk, tear, exposure to the elements, it starts to peel off and bother the lady's foot.

Sometimes, the user merely peels if off entirely, but it is not a recommended practice because this piece of paper has the job of covering the inner metal parts of the shoe, and merely taking it off will make the metal parts of the shoe visible to the common male standing beside and even more noticeable would be in the case of an open shoe that exposes the feet like this one.

Take a closer look near her ankle at the main center picture. You will notice that this lady uses an ankle chain, or better called "anklet" and that a small piece of it, the shape of a clover leaf, can be see hanging. It is gold colored and unfortunately the black pants she is using covers it almost entirely.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sexy Green Ankle Tie Cord Sandals and Greek Sick Woman

Sexy green ankle tie cord strap heeled sandals

This house wife woman dresses up with very sexytie cord strap ankle sandal heel tight pants denim jeans feet middle class woman lady utility bill crossed legs smelly tight denim pants and a very provocative shoulder exposing red top. She was seating beside me while I was waiting in line to pay my gas utility bill. She swung her feet and sandals continuously as a sign of impatience. Her legs were crossed and wore a pair of plastic green sandals with sling straps that tied all around her ankles. The strap had to be tied on the back of her ankles and did not use any buckle to secure it. The front of the sandals had another decorative strip of green cord similar to the ones used to tie her ankles. Unfortunately, I could not see any ankle bracelet nor any toe ring, but her feet were cleaner than normal which indicates me that she lives in a clean middle class house/apartment.

Greek upper class woman with tight capris and sandals

While at the supermarket checkout counter with my wife, I spotted this sexy lady with close fitted sandals capri close fit tight checkbook greek woman lady  elastic wrap butt buttocks anklet ankle chain leg calf roundcapris and wood imitation plastic slip on sandals paying with her checkbook beside me. Talking with the cashier, I noticed she had a greek accent and her checkbook had the logo of a very prominent bank famous for having rich upper class society as clients. The capris made her buttocks look very round and it wrapped the butt with such an elastic closeness that you can see the contours of her underwear. Down under her left leg, she had a golden ankle chain which maked her look even more sexy. She showed a lot of confidence and authority wearing those heeled white sandals.

Very sick uniform office woman in stitched heeled mule shoes

Office woman left her workplace after she reportedly had very high fever and constant vomiting. She wears a black leather slip on heeled mule shoes. The center of the shoes has a stitched together finish. Mule is relatively new with few scratches mules stitch heel leather sick uneasiness boss vomit puke stomach upset fever paperwork homework uniform dress office boss uncrupulous dizzyand matches nicely with her grayish office uniform pants. The upper inset picture depicts her uneasiness and suffering due to the high fever and stomach upsetting she is having. Was sent home after her boss found her so sick, but before ordering her to return home, the unscrupulous boss told her to take some paperwork back home and finish them at home to bring them back when she feels better. He also told her that she will get her salary discounted if she doesn't work for more than 2 days. That is the way of this country's corporate world. Work in heels and suffer corporate exploitation. Worst of all is that all this is allowed under the law, so the female employee is the final loser. The state and the private company always win the hand.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Beautiful Body Smelly Office Secretary and Slingback Heels Breakfast Lady

Beautiful office secretary standing beside chair

Yesterday I got assigned to fix a regional grocery store manager's secretary skirt red shirt high heel shoes pointed toe perfume smell chair office grocery store legs hands clasp computer fixoffice computer and while on duty saw this beautiful red long sleeved shirt dressed secretary standing beside a small counter used to communicate with the other employees of the grocery store. She had fine hands, loved to wear that pair of ankle strapped red pointed toe heeled shoes and flirted a lot by walking around the office in that reddish-brown medium skirt. She sat on that black chair you can see in the image beside the manager's desk and I can tell you that the seat really smelled like her. Every time she stood to walk around carrying paperwork from file cabinet to another, I could smell her strong body perfume.

Slingback high heeled open toe heels

Early in the morning, I saw this lady stopping by the secretary skirt red shirt high heel shoes pointed toe perfume smell chair office grocery store legs hands clasp computer fixsupermarket's cafeteria trying to buy some french toast and coffee for breakfast.
Under her long velvet border decorated skirt you can see the slingback strappy black high heeled shoes with open toe front.
The foolish lady tried to pay a 2$ breakfast with a 50$ bill and the cafeteria cashier promptly refused the big bill. The slingback lady then opened her purse and paid the 2$ bucks with 8 quarters. She proceeded to sit on a table, cross her sexy smooth legs and start eating the breakfast in hurry as if she were late for work.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Leggy Secretary Going to Work and Brazilian Happy Chick at Motel

Sexy gorgeous high heel pump secretary with short skirt

Sexy secretary with red and blue uniform dress and sunglasses is early in the morning trying to catch a taxi cab during rush hour. She carries a matching red purse and a magazine in her hands. motel brazilian chick high heels pink ankle strap denim jeans tight pharmacy blonde fake sexy sway feet morning party nightlife Janeiro
Office dress codes call her to wear a navy blue short skirt and nylon pantyhose along with black leather high heeled pumps with ankle straps. The inset pictures show closer views of the ankle straps and legs.
The wind blew her body scent toward me. It smelled like a mixture of perfume and body sweat that characterizes and differentiates every woman. I could also make out her hair scent which indicates she washed her hair recently with shampoo or maybe sprayed some sort of hair fixing spray.
For more than 15 minutes, she stood there waiting for a taxi cab to pick her up and take her to her workplace. Finally, one lucky vacant taxi cab painted in black stopped by as pictured in the lower left inset picture. Of special mention are the different standing poses she adopted during her long wait. The inset pictures describe in more detail these poses. Please visit our website gallery, if you really want to see this secretary lady in more detail.

Leggy brazilian chick with guy leaving motel

Leggy fake blonde latina chick with tight denim jeans and high heel platform sandals with pink anklemotel brazilian chick high heels pink ankle strap denim jeans tight pharmacy blonde fake sexy sway feet morning party nightlife Janeiro straps was leaving a nearby cheap motel with an unknown guy early in the morning. They checked in at 4:00 am and at 7:30 am they were leaving.
The guy stopped a taxi cab, she got into the taxi alone and he left the scene walking. This chick has rather long hair and is pharmacy blonde. She walked with difficulty in those high heel shoes swaying her buttocks from one side to the other while the guy stayed close to her. Both are brazilians that enjoy the city's night life. See more of this brazilian leggy chick at

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