Friday, January 27, 2006

Secretary Sexy Strappy Heels and Legs and Skull Rib Bones Shoes

Leggy bare feet slipped into high heeled black strappy sandals of secretary

Leaving her office workplace installations, this receptionist secretary stands on a rough improvised bus stop with a gray short skirt uniform and strappy leather black high heel sandals. secretady sandal black matte opaque leather finish highheel feet legs pantyhose skirt umbrella sexy foxy strap ankleThe material and finish of the sandals' straps is made with a black matte leather that makes the strap look opaque and dull.
Wearing this pair of sandals for the whole day makes a woman develop red strap markings that sometimes even translate into painful toe blisters. Notice that this secretary also carries an umbrella since she spends a lot of time waiting for public transportation at open and roofless bus stops exposed to rain and the harsh environments.
Finally, note that due to the heat, she doesn't wear any pantyhose or stockings. She slips her feet directly into those sandals and use them for the whole working day. Office women here don't like to use pantyhose much, unlike cold and temperate countries, where boots and thick pantyhoses are a must.

Bone skull shaped heeled white shoes

A friend of mine called these heeled white shoes "the skull heels" because looking from behind it, it resembles human bones and skulls. Especially the white thin frontal and back straps makes the effect of human rib bones.

Of special mention is also the space left by the wearer's skull bones ribs white highheels strap thin anklet ankle chain blister peel stickarched feet and the insole of the shoes. This arch space created opportunity for the viewer to see that the insole of her right shoe has a peeling piece of patch paper. This piece of paper comes originally with the shoe, but due to wear, walk, tear, exposure to the elements, it starts to peel off and bother the lady's foot.

Sometimes, the user merely peels if off entirely, but it is not a recommended practice because this piece of paper has the job of covering the inner metal parts of the shoe, and merely taking it off will make the metal parts of the shoe visible to the common male standing beside and even more noticeable would be in the case of an open shoe that exposes the feet like this one.

Take a closer look near her ankle at the main center picture. You will notice that this lady uses an ankle chain, or better called "anklet" and that a small piece of it, the shape of a clover leaf, can be see hanging. It is gold colored and unfortunately the black pants she is using covers it almost entirely.


Anonymous said...

OK I am really loving the blog! You are someone who views the world and women like I do, from the ground up!

Your region of the world (I assume LATAM or close to it) is also a great view point. I am in the Northeast US where this time of year I am hard pressed to even see stocking less women (forget heels or toes). Plus I always believed that your region of the world always had the best to offer in terms of women's feet and their attitudes towards heels.

Now I am seeing the reality of this, some of it is true and some of it is a lot like any other place.... Thanks again

Big Fan

metrovoyeur said...

Thank you for your comments.
Yes latin american countries have the advantage of having a big population of women willing to wear high heels and sexy shoes in public. They don't feel any shy for doing it and the best of all is that they behave naturally when they do it.
I have been in Florida and other parts of the U.S. and in Canada and all I can say is that it is very difficult to find high heeled wearing women in public places. You will have to go to a party or some special ocassion in order to find ladies with nice legs and heeled footwear.
It is also hard to find busty and chunky booty women in those parts of North America, while in latin america, my neighbor's maid is a booty woman with a lot of flesh and really loves to wear heeled sandals and tight jeans.

Anonymous said...

i would like to worship those feet for sure!!!!!

♫☼Dra.MaryBoBin's☼♫ said...

I Love those shoes!!!!.... wuau!!!!.............