Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Muscular Calves Leggy Money Beggar and Massive Cork Wedge Sandals

Seducing boyfriend with legs to get money

This native latina girl went to her boyfriend's workplace boyfriend calf calves legs skinny muscle black high heel wedge sandals feet miniskirt denim clothesto ask him to lend her some money to purchase clothes at the nearby department store. The guy barely had enough money for his lunch but the charm and loveliness of this leggy and tall chick begging for money made him take out his wallet to hand her some money.

Watch how foxy is her standing pose of supporting her body weight on just one straightened leg, while the other is acting as a hook and lure to attract the attention of the male. Moreover, you've got to add to her credit the denim miniskirt, great and well developed calves and black plastic frontal strap high heeled wedge shoes.

With all these winning seductive attributes, the guy will be emptying his pocket and perhaps his paycheck before he is even paid by his employer.

Black wedge high heeled sandals wirth veiny feet

Peeking closer into this latina native money begging chick, you can see that her feet are veiny veiny vein feet black sandal wedge sun ray cast shadow plastic interlaced lace strap sexy  seducedue to constant wearing of high heel shoes. The black wedge sandal with frontal interlaced straps makes her look bold and confident of herself.

If you take a close look at her heels, you can see the sun shinning just behind it. This photo was taken when the sun was setting behind her so the sun's rays completely filled the rear part of her legs and feet making it look reddish-gold and casting a shadow of her expanded blood vein in her left feet.

Flesh leaning on column with platform sandals

Big fleshy dyed hair blonde imitator artificial latina sandals cork wedge butt flesh stuffed halter jeans strap constrict curvelady loaded up with a lot of female flesh is leaning at the bus support column structure. She used a thin sexy pink lacy halter and a very tight jeans. Important to notice is her brown strap cork platform wedge. Next to her you can see another woman with white jacket and wide hips.

Today's women may suffer a lot from pants constriction in order to look sexy, they go to extremes and wear intentionally cramped clothing in order to highlight their body curves.

Cork wedge heeled sandals of booty chick

Analyzing in more microscopic detail this cork platform wedge shoe, we can gather visual information that helps us to understand the taste of this woman and why she chose to wear this type of footwear.

Let us first establish that cork sandals are very comfortable since microscopically, cork contains thousands of small pockets of air that makes it look porous. This material characteristic acts as a natural suspension for the feet. It makes the shoe more wearable, spongy and easier to put your feet on. Add to this the body mass of this lady and you start to see why the sandal's heels are starting to squash by forming wrinkles. This booty chick must be heavy and massive in weight. cork heel sandal wedge shoes strap brown wrinkle squash soft comfortable talAlso, notice that women always like to look taller than what they really are.

These sandals cheat the woman's height by adding around one and a half inches of horizontal height plus another one and a half more inches of heel heigh for a total height of around 3 inches. Shoes like these help women look taller and leggier without sacrificing much comfort and stability. The secret lies in the raised sole. As you can see, the distance between the insole and the floor is around 1.5 inches of gained height without raising the heel, which we will call the platform height.This particular sandal raises the heel by about 1.5 inches more after the 1.5 inches of platform height for a total of 3 inches risking much stability.

Content and pictures courtesy of www.metropolitanvoyeur.com

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Uniform Woman White Strap Sandals and Flat Sandals with Painted Toenails

Stuck painful small toe corn in white highheel sandals

Gray uniform elegantly dressed woman just leaving her workplace after spending the whole day working corn painful strap leather sandals highheels legs uniform office workplace woman female lady secretary officer callus teardrop elegantwith a pair of white leather strappy high heel sandals. Her smallest toe has an inflamed and swollen corn produced by the continous contact of her toe with one of the sandal's straps.

Behind these white heels you can also see another woman wearing a medium heeled black ankle strap shoes with frontal teardrop shaped decorative cutouts. the material used for both shoes are no doubt leather, but the craftmanship is dubious. craftmanship and material quality are two importan variables when evaluating female shoes.

Painted toenails with anklet chains and thong sandals

Ok, I know this does not classify as a high heel shoe, but what called my attention to this girl is her artistically painted blue ray colored toenails.

corn painful strap leather sandals highheels legs uniform office workplace woman female lady secretary officer callus teardrop elegantClose up of a female feet with blue painted toenails, anklet chain around her left feet with dangling silverish accents. Matching her toenails, there is a comfortable light blue colored thong strap flat sandals. The toenails has a painted white flower over the blue enameled background.