Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Suede Skirt with Black Strap Sandals and Demanding Authoritative Meat Buyer Lady

Suede long skirt and black strap heeled sandals woman

suede skirt tight strap sandals golden halter sunglass wait highway bus high heel painted toenails pink feet legs calfIt was early in the morning and I suddenly saw this flower standing beside the highway trying to make a bus stop for her. The highway was full of cars buzzing all around from the heavy morning traffic jam and this courageous latin black descendant lady was standing there alone with her black leather strap intensive high heeled sandals.
I decided to stop and make some company so I parked my car 200 meters behind her and walked in front of her to snap some of these fine pics.
These are just 2 pictures, the full set of pictures is stored at my website

Starting with her black leather frontal strap shoes you should have noticed how the right shoe is a tad warped at the frontal part of the sole. This warping, I suspect, is caused by the street's surface irregularity and coarseness of the pavement mixture. Next, we can conclude that this lady spends her money going to the pedicurist regularly as you can see her nicely pink painted toenails with white accented borders. Maybe she paints her toes herself or someone does it for her, I should have asked her.
Going up, at the upper left inset picture you can see her with a pair of reflective sunglasses, painted lips, brown tanned skin and always matching golden colored silky halter. Covering her legs she uses a brown soft suede tight to the body long skirt.

Distrustful and authoritarian sexy mature lady buying meat

Strict, demanding and authoritarian lady ordering some meat slices from the meat shop. Every time she ordered something she told the shop's employee to dig and find the best meat they had at the counter.
authoritarian distrustful stric demanding careless meat slice shop high heels black sandals strap calves legs skirt peekAfter the employee packaged the meat cuts, she starts opening it with her hand in order to make sure she received what she asked for. Her distrustful attitude had all the meat shop employee look at her with a bad eye every time she came to buy. Moreover, she apparently shows a preference for ankle strap high heel sandals like the ones in the picture. Even with all her bad attitude she has nice curvy calves, round legs enhanced by the type of heeled shoes she frequently uses. The upper right inset picture demonstrates clearly her distrustful attitude. She peeks and tries to watch carefully everything the meat cutter employee is doing with the order.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tie Lottery Seller Lady with Mules and Office Woman Open Toes

Lottery ticket seller lady with whote mules

Seated lottery seller lady with navy blue capri, 2 inches heeled white mule sandals and scratching her feet Seating nice butt lottery ticket selling woman with white 2 inches heeled mulessole with the raised heeled rear part of the shoe. The sitting stance she is taking reminds us a little about "seat tying" fantasies some of us may have. We just need a good strong rope to tie her hand into the chair. On another note, notice her golden chain bracelet and wristwatch she carries around her left wrist. this lady sits there for hours and hours attending lottery buyers who happen to stand behind her chair and look down into her blouse from above. She acts as is nobody is trying to take a peek into her breasts from above, but I suspect she does this intentionally. Sometimes she even plays with her shoes by dangling it and swinging it from side to side with her legs crossed. Other times, she just slides her feet into the footwear and immediately slides it out repetitively as if she were trying to scratch her foot soles.

Open toe high heel black leather shoes

Classic office secretary spanish lady using black opentoe high heel shoes with metal buckle fashion details on its sides. Office secretary with medium skirt and bare feet on open toe black leather high heel shoes with fashion buckle details on its sidesShe skipped the use of a pantyhose and has her feet slipped into the shoes directly. Her uniform consists of a medium skirt reaching a little higher than her knees. It is made with cotton and dyed with a sandy beige color. Finally, take a look at her right knee and you will notice she has a small scar there.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Aggressive Looking Heeled Wedges and Chinese Chick Sandals

Aggressive looking wedge shoes of mature latin woman

I was at the grocery store's greetings card section trying to find a Merry Christmas card for my best friend who lives in Texas and suddenlyAggressive looking white striped high heeled black wedge sandals from a latina woman trying to buy xmas greetings cards at grocery store I found this spanish lady standing beside me trying to choose similar christmas cards for her family back in El Salvador. The selection of spanish written greeting cards of the grocery was not assorted enough to choose so she started to read the ones in english with some trouble. Here is where I had a chance to get a closer shot of her black strapped high heeled wedge shoes. The straps of this particular shoe had stripes of white sewn threads that made the shoe look more like an Asian Tiger mosquito or Aedes Albopictus. It made the shoe look aggressive and ready for attack. She had her toe nails painted in brick red and I noticed her starting to rock her left shoe from side to side as a sign of tiredness (lower right inset picture) from standing with such wild looking shoes. I had to kneel beside her pretending I was looking for a greetings card in order to take these floor angled pictures.

Asian chick with sandals buying floor tiles

Beige colored high heeled ankle strap sandals of rich asian chick who drove a Merceds Benz alone and Chinese asian cuttie with high heel beige colored leather ankle strap sandals buying granite floor tiles for her expensive apartmentstopped by the tiles shop to order some floor tiles for her apartment. As you can see, she enjoys painting her toe nails in blood red and leaving some space between her feet's soles and the shoe's insoles in order to allow air ventilation to cool her feet's soles. I wish I could smell the cooling air that passes there. Inside the specialized and fine tile store, she selected around 20 square meters of granite made tiles at 70$ per square meter so multiplying it we get 1400$ in tiles plus 5% of unavoidable tax. These granite floor tiles, when installed, will be very lucky to have such high heeled shoes step and walk over them almost every day and night until she decides to marry and move to a bigger apartment.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Leggy Booty sitting Lady and Brown Medium Heeled Eyelet Sandals

Busty and booty miniskirt high heeled intellectual Eve

Complex and over luxurious booty woman at the waiting lobby of a bank. She has a very short white miniskirt, fleshy and smooth legs with white high heeled ankle strap sandals with red insoles. Notice that although her shoes have ankle straps, she is not using them and literally wear them as a slip on sandal instead. The ankle strap is pulled down
Busty and booty leggy eyeglasses woman seated at a bank waiting lobby with legs crossed and white high heeled ankle strap sandals decorated red insolesbehind the heel. Her left feet also has a silverish ankle chain with hanging little pendants.

I previously said that this lady looks complex,because she wears too many accessories. Evidence of this is her left and right wrist which are full of silver bracelets. Her ear also has a rather oversized earring plus a visible silver pendant she has near the neck.

The eyeglasses she employs makes her look intellectual combined with the flip up cellphone, flesh loaded gorgeous body and sexy clothing; any bank officer will blindly lend money from his own wallet to this Eve in exchange for a more detailed look at her attributes.

Brown eyelet decorated medium heeled sandals

Brown medium heeled
Brown eyelet equipped slip on sandals with brown trouser from a lady standing beside a payphone booth slip on sandals of lady using a public phone booth with double metal eyelets that serve as decorative and practical fastening purposes as well. Her toenails are painted in pearl white. The weight of her body is supported on her left feet leaving her other feet plenty of opportunity to flirt and play with the heel of the sandals.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Red Wedge Heeled Shoes and Brown Teacher Mules

Arched foot in red heeled wedge shoes

While seated, this lady intended to stretch her feet's heels and no enough with the height of her heeled wedge shoes, she still arched her heels even more to comfort her muscles. Red wedge heeled shoes with foot's arched heel.Her foot's soles are nicely clean which is not a normal sight especially for a person wearing these types of open wedge sandals. Maybe she recently lef her home or she walks in clean office spaces. The sides of the soles of this red wedges is made of plastic together with a frontal part also made of plastic with a leather look alike finish.

Relatively clean soles of red female wedge shoes

View of the red heeled wedges this woman is using that shows her shoe's soles. Notice how the Red wedged heeled shoes with crossed legs and visible solesdirt under it is very superficial which indicates to us that this pair of wedges is relatively newly bought. Being made in China with plastic materials and of inferior quality, these disposable cheap footwear come in handy for several months of use. After that, it will be the thrown in the trash can and picked up by the so called female used shoes shoehunters.

Slip on heeled brown mules of strict teacher

This teacher is on a pair of brown leather heeled slip on mules.Teacher Oxford brown mules with 2.5 inch heels in very wornout and scratched condition She is a strict english teacher that has bad reputation among students for being coarse, rude and rough. Nobody can say anything to her because she is an old school friend of the english department principal who is even worse than her. Notice her legs is smooth and not using any stockings. Her preference of skirts is almost similar. Seems to prefer gray and dark gray skirt colors with square stamped designs. Of interest is the front of her shoe that shows a little scratch and wrinkles in the leather material. Also, the heelcaps are almost disappearing from the heels.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pleasing Frontdesk Secretary Pumps and Medical Reseller Sandals

Notice: Before presenting this week's post, let me say thank you to all who read my blog. I do this with passion and enjoy more photographing streetshots of beautiful high heel women than writing html pages. Not only I do high heel shots, but also all types of candid women photographing in order to show their dialy street beauty. Shooting candid street women is different from shooting staged models, because I feel staged or posed models shooting sessions is artificial and all planned out without the spontaneity essence of the moment. It is like photographing a fish inside the fish tank, while streethooting is going to the sea and shooting fishes underwater in their habitat dodging sharks and sea waves. -Metrovoyeur
Too pleasing frontdesk office secretary

Shiny black high heel pumps that belongs to a thin mature frontdesk secretary. She buys the daily newspaper for her boss who is the financial analyst for a telecommunication company. Shiny black enamel varnish high heel pumps from a pleasing frontdesk secretary

This woman in olive green office uniform dress also buys the breakfast, coffee and personal items for her boss when he requests them. Of course, the interesting part is that she likes to wear high heel pumps to do these assignments, especially this one that has a shiny enamel varnish black finish. It shines so clearly that you can use it as a mirror to comb your hair !

On another interesting note, she also uses a pantyhose that is thin enough to blend with her leg. Here you can see her standing at a bus stop to return to her workplace after purchasing stuff for her boss.

Medicine demonstrator hispanic woman with sexy torso

This sitting hispanic descendant lady works as a medical drug reseller. She employs her time to go to different clinics and meet with doctors in order to present them new medicines released by the various pharmaceutical companies. She even gives out medicine samples to the doctors so they can try the medicines with their patients.
Sitting green unform medicine reseller woman with black sexy high heel insole cushioned leather sandals
You can see her well seated with her skin toned smooth legs crossed and her head turned to one side possibly trying to take a glimpse of herself from the glass advertising sign standing beside her. This pose clearly shows her neck as well as helps her breasts to be more noticeable thrusted out than normal.

She is a thin woman and has a good height in comparison with others. The green shirt she has is very close fitted and portrays her upper body contours very well. Her feet is possesed by an ankle strap black high heeled sandals with broad heels.

Worn and torn high heel sandal cushioned insoles (cont.)

Simple black leather high heel sandals includes ankle straps with metal buckles for Leather black high heeled ankle strap sandals of a hard working pharmaceutical medicine reseller womanbetter and longer lasting fastening. The broad heels provide better standing stability for the woman as well as a thick cushioned insole for much more comfort and pleasure.

This paticular shoe has the insole cracked and chipped at the front near the toes. The heel caps also denote a lot of street walking and tear.

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