Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Exhibitionist Women Who Like to Call Attention in Public

Striving extra short skirt home loan representative woman

Woman intentionlly wearing an office uniformskirt office uniform extra smooth legs stride walk sandals ankle strap lust desire woman lady employee with extra short skirts is striding across the congested city's concrete pathway. Take a look at the inset pictures and you can notice a man lusting her legs and shoes from behind. He just stayed there staring at her long legs and short light gray skirt. She was wearing sort of a leather platform sandals with ankle straps and carrying a white plastic bag. She works as a bank representative qualifying prospective home loans. After leaving work she heads to the bus stop to take a 2 hours ride back to her apartment room she shares with her mother who suffers from Parkinsons disease. Using her low income she barely strives to survive the cost of life and the cost of her mother's medicine. Yes, she is still single as far as I know.

Latina lover walking toward her meeting point in heeled mules

Butty black latina female is walking towards the meeting point previously mules sandals heel buttocks butt bracelet ring anklets ankle chain sway jeans lover amante purseestablished with her lover. Every Wednesday of the week, she takes a 40 minutes bus ride to reach this place and have good moments with her lover guy. This guy has another girlfriend who is not aware of his unfaithful and disloyal attitude. The woman you see here is fully aware that her lover has another woman, but she does not care at all. She just want to meet him and share some good moments together. If you look carefully, you will see that her left foot has a golden sexy ankle chain. Also, her left wrist is choke full of golden bracelets and rings purchased by her lover. All this jewelry portrays a very complex woman, so complex she does not even understand what she is doing everyday.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sued M.I.L.F. Orange Heels and Vegeance Victim Teacher

Cornered hard working sexy orange high heel milf with plenty of problems

Office woman in orange colored high heel sandals is trying to open her cheap purse to pay for the newspaper she tends
orange pants high heel sandals sue pregnant son courthouse recess hardwork newspaper pay widow familyto buy every morning near her workplace. 14 days ago one of her 2 sons was diagnosed of cancer. She had no husband so a heavy burden was upon her in order to maintain the whole family. Like a mule, she worked non stop 14 hours a day from sundays to sundays. To worsen the scene, her second son met the lady on the right picture who was wering a tight butt contouring nylon synthetic navy blue pants. Her son was 15 years younger than the lady on the right. To make it more gruesome and problematic, she got pregnant from him and started to sue is mother (the lady on the left wearing the orange pants) This picture was taken outside the courthouse during a session recess. The sexy milf on the left lost the case and had to pay 10000 dollars to the blue pants lady in order to indemnify her and pay for the abortion.

Nasty school teacher wearing black strap sandalswithout slingbacks

High school teacher lady wearing strappy black sandals with glittering decorations. She was famous forschool teacher nasty chewing gum revenge cellphone ban class classroom pants feet glitter heel shine her cellphone confiscation activities during class in order to enforce her no-cellphone-use policy inside classrooms. As a revenge, her the students of her class arranged to stick a chewing gum near the border of her chair. Since she always used pants like the ones shown, the chewing gum stuck to her pants ruining it for the day.

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